Animal Adjustments and Therapies

How Can Adjustments Benefit Animals?

Adjustments to animals can improve their ability to adapt to environmental stressors and heal more effectively. Adjustments allow the animal to move in a balanced way with less pain if they are compensating for a conformational flaw or an injury.

What is an Adjustment?

An adjustment is a gentle impulse applied by hand or with an activator to stimulate motor neurons to reset the neurological communication from the brain to the tissues that hold the joint in alignment.

Adjustments put the joint into an optimal biomechanical position which allows the nerve to fully communicate with the surrounding tissues, thus reducing muscle spasms and pain. It will also improve range of motion, stability, muscular strength, and reflexes.

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Evidence of Chiropractic Success in Animals

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What Conditions in Animals Benefit from Adjustments?

Performance In Animals
Muscular Imbalances
Neurological Conditions & Radiculopathies
Degenerative Arthritis
Spinal Disc Bulges
Luxating Patella
Hip Dysplasia
Natural Pain Management

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Read Before You Schedule!

All animals must have a signed veterinary referral, required by Texas State Law, before scheduling an appointment with Dr. Massey. You can download the referral form here

Note: For barn/house calls a $1/minute travel fee is applied for less than 10 animals at the location.

south austin chiropractic horse injury chiropractor photo