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Common Injuries in Equestrians

by | Feb 24, 2022

BackOnTrack says, “Like all sports, horseback riding is a fun activity that can produce common injuries in equestrians, through a variety of ways. Countless horse riders are injured every year through accidents, repetitive motions, or basic slip and falls.”

When are accidents most likely to occur?

Equestrian-related injuries are most likely to occur due to inclement weather conditions or changes in the weather while riding. For example, a sudden rainstorm can change the terrain and make for slippery conditions. However, a spooked horse is also a commonly cited source for injury.

Other riders might get injured due to rider error. This is commonly seen when riders fail to ensure their saddle is properly mounted or experience a tack break while riding. This often occurs among amateur riders who aren’t prepared to deal with unusual situations.

What are some common injuries?

Horse riding and equestrian injuries are mainly due to falls. This normally means significant traumatic injuries ranging from simple sprains and bruising to fracture, concussion, and rarely death. There are, of course, some relatively unique horse riding injuries, such as Lisfranc injuries when your foot gets caught in your stirrup.

Common Injuries in Equestrians

SCIATICA- People who suffer from sciatica have pain in their lower back and legs because of the inflammation of their sciatic nerve running from their lower spine down to their feet. Indeed, I have a friend who rides regularly and says she suffers from back pain if she neglects her core; her abs, and her lower back. This is one of the most prevalent nerve issues that chiropractic care can treat.

HAMSTRING STRAINS – Most athletes experience this type of injury some time in their careers. Luckily, it is also very treatable with chiropractic care. Your chiropractic care will look at any muscular imbalances you may have, as it is one of the major reasons people strain their hamstrings.

LOWER BACK STRAINS – People who strain their lower back usually get chiropractic care to lessen pain and promote mobility. Additionally, most chiropractors will teach you exercises that will strengthen your lower back, saving you from another strain.

NECK PAIN – There is a myriad of reasons that people suffer from neck pain. It could be a cervical sprain, whiplash, or just a particularly trying desk job.

SCOLIOSIS – A great number of people suffer from scoliosis. A spinal curve of more than 10 degrees can be treated with chiropractic care.

CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME – It is easy to compress the median nerve in your hand and wrist with repetitive finger use and too many wrist motions. Chiropractic care is a highly recommended way to treat this pain.

ROTATOR CUFF INJURY – This is another highly prevalent injury, often seen in people who excessively rotate or put too much pressure on their wrists, whether during sports or not.

BURSITIS – Some people experience pain in their hips when their bursa is inflamed. With chiropractic care, patients can enjoy better mobility and less pain in their legs, hips, and lower back.

PREGNANCY-RELATED LOWER BACK PAIN – A number of expectant mothers put up with persistent lower back pain during their pregnancies. Chiropractors will give them exercises that they can do at home to relieve any pain they feel.

HERNIATED DISC – Research indicates that chiropractic care is an excellent treatment for herniated discs. In just a couple of months, patients report major improvements.

Chiropractor Recommendations

If you are suffering from pain or injury, you should visit a medical doctor first. Chiropractic care is usually an excellent supplementary treatment.

Chiropractors believe that by aligning your spine, your body can recover from a number of different conditions without needing medical or surgical intervention. Through specific instruments and our hands, we are able to make adjustments to your musculoskeletal system and help your joints and muscles to move more effectively.